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Our Cows

Happy cows produce the best milk

That’s why our herd of 320 cows spend their days grazing, roaming and dozing outdoors at Eastfield Farm in South Somerset.

We know some breeds of cow are better suited to life on an organic dairy farm than others. We choose breeds that not only produce good quantities of milk, but, more importantly, have a greater natural immunity to, and resilience against, disease.

Here at Holy Cow, we stand by the principle that getting the best milk starts with happy, healthy cows. Our cows have a daily routine designed to give them a higher-quality life and keep them content.

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How do our cows spend their time?

Our cows spend as much time as possible outside, grazing on rich pastures. In bad weather, they can come indoors. It’s important that, wherever they are, they are comfortable with their surroundings. The cows spend a lot of their day lying down, chewing the cud and resting, always a good sign that they are content.
We use milking robots at Eastfield Farm, allowing the cows to be milked throughout the day and night while also monitoring each cow’s health. The cows are free to roam through the fields as they wish then they bring themselves to the be milked when they decide. This means less stress and more freedom for the cows, as well as better animal welfare and higher milk quality.

What People Say About Our Milk

I love the ease of been able to get milk 24/7 from the vending machine, also the milk is much tastier than supermarket bought milk.

Charlotte England

What People Say About Our Milk

Tried Holy Cow milk today for the first time and oh my word, such delicious milk! Love that they are refillable glass bottles too. Think we’ll be converts!

Danielle Wright

What People Say About Our Milk

We love holy cow milk, we do end up drinking a lot more milk though...... Cereals have become the number one breakfast again!

Sara Brown