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Our Milk

Grass to Glass – milk as nature intended

Our delicious organic whole milk is ready to drink within hours of the cow being milked, after being pasteurised and cooled on our family-run farm. This means there is no heavy processing and very low food miles.

Holy Cow milk is unhomogenised so the cream will rise to the top – a treat for the first person to open the bottle!

We deliver milk to our vending machines on a regular basis, ensuring the milk you buy is never more than 48 hours old. We hope you enjoy the difference!

Why is organic milk different?

For a product to be called organic, it has to be produced according to a number of rules that define a minimum standard in EU law. The rules provide for high welfare standards, and the practice of keeping cows housed all year round is banned. Organic cows must eat a natural, grass-based 100% organic diet, and not be pushed beyond their natural limits. As a result, we believe the milk we produce is the most pure and natural you can find, all the way from grass to glass.
Eastfield Farm is a positive, encouraging place that works with, not against, nature.
Crops and local wildlife are nurtured and used as natural assets to feed the land and prevent illness on the farm. Our cows are free range so they spend most of their time grazing on rich pastures, roaming and dozing outdoors, only coming in when the weather’s bad. Holy Cow organic milk will therefore vary in taste according to the time of year, depending on what the cow has been eating.

What People Say About Our Milk

I love the ease of been able to get milk 24/7 from the vending machine, also the milk is much tastier than supermarket bought milk.

Charlotte England

What People Say About Our Milk

Tried Holy Cow milk today for the first time and oh my word, such delicious milk! Love that they are refillable glass bottles too. Think we’ll be converts!

Danielle Wright

What People Say About Our Milk

We love holy cow milk, we do end up drinking a lot more milk though...... Cereals have become the number one breakfast again!

Sara Brown